First Blood

• June 16th, 2019

This might be hard to believe, but John Rambo was originally a symbol of the horrors of war. Really, he was. Whatever he morphed into, he began his life as a... a cautionary tale. Can you create a perfect soldier, ready him to handle whatever he would come across in the middle of  a war, and then just expect him to shut it off and go back to a normal life?

There were some heavy questions at play in "First Blood." Not that we address any of them in any meaningful way, but they are there.

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Creed II

• March 10th, 2019

The Rocky film series has somehow managed to pull off a nearly impossible feat, for the second time. A lot of people may not realize this, but Rocky was not a big release when it first came out. It was a low budget arthouse film that somehow went on to become a blockbuster franchise. No mean feat. But, doing the near impossible once just wasn't enough. So...

Creed II

That's right. The latest installment of one of the most beloved American film franchises of all time comes roaring in and moves what was a story about a guy trying to live in the shadow of his father into the big leagues.

We begin another series of films in reverse. Join Clarkson for his first viewing, Jim saw it on opening day because its a Rocky movie and he is not normal about these things.



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Let There Be Light

• January 27th, 2019

We didn't have to watch this. There was no reason to watch this. We were about to watch Fast and Furious 6 instead of watching this. But did we? No, we didn't. We watched this...

There is so much baffling nonsense in this movie it is almost impossible to quantify it. Every time you say to yourself, "Well, that's the stupidest, least thought out, insulting to every person on the planet statement I've ever heard," the movie seems to take it as a personal challenge.

Kevin "Is he really handsome, or do I just accept that he is because he played Hercules" Sorbo plays (sigh) world famous philosopher (maybe. They never really say what his doctorate is in, so everything is pure speculation) and, as you are repeatedly informed, number 1 atheist in the world (evidently multiple years running at the International Atheist's convention)... Dr. Sol Harkens (SIGH) has a near death experience on the eve of the launch of his latest book... Aborting God (fucking SIGH) and...

Look, a lot of bullshit follows this. A lot. Like... all the bullshit in the world. 

Join us as we try and figure out what the hell is going on and what on earth would have made anyone believe that this movie was not wildly insulting believers, nonbelievers, whatever group.... this is a movie for no-one. So... you know, check it out with us.

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Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas 2018

• December 23rd, 2018

It's that time of year again. The time where we take a look at one of the most baffling, poorly written and executed, intelligence insulting movies of all time. This year, because Clarkson's job is actively trying to murder him, Jim is joined by Nathan to initiate him into the world of a movie that somehow manages to insult both believer and non-believer alike... "Kirk Cameron's 'Saving Christmas'"

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• November 11th, 2018

After our longest ever hiatus, we are back! And what better way to announce our return than by watching a movie about how much absolute corruption and callus disregard for human life a human being can openly display, and still get re-elected MULTIPLE times? Join us as we discuss one of the most unblinkingly honest examinations of politics and power ever made... Chappaquiddick.

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