Double Down

• August 26th, 2018

Welcome to our first Patreon rewards guest. Owen joins us from Australia to discuss something that BARELY counts as a movie. We are introduced to the world of writer (?) producer (?), director (?), actor (?), caterer (?) Neil Breen and his first ever "movie," Double Down, in which the story makes no sense, the music is terrible, the acting is a joke, and the only thing that is 100% clear is that nothing and no one ever doubles down on anything. 

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Furious 7

• August 19th, 2018

We continue on Jim's insane idea of introducing Clarkson to the Fast and Furious movies by watching them in reverse order. It's a needlessly complicated and, admittedly, terrible way to do it, but... it's kinda funny.

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Film Thugs Recap Special Release: Furious 7

• August 19th, 2018

We are testing out/introducing a new idea. We watch a movie, and then try and give a full recap in as little time as possible, while going into bizarre detail on insignificant things. Hopefully, it works.

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Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond

• July 1st, 2018

What do you call something that goes beyond narcisistic? I mean... is there a term for unimaginably self absorbed?

Well, if there is... that term applies here.

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God Is Dead… Not, Part 2

• May 28th, 2018

Looks like the disclaimer from the last episode still applies, so...

We are back... this time, with a bit of a doozie. But, let's start with a disclaimer... this episode is not an attack on faith or religion. It is an attack on the persecution complex that has created the illusion of a "war" on religion, in particular, Christianity. The world of strawmen that is divided between the hyper-faithful armed with chapter and verse for every situation and mustache twirling athiests, just waiting to tear down everything faith stands for.


If you thought part 1 was some absolute nonsense... you ain't seen nothing yet.

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