Trey Parker and Matt Stone Going down to Sough Park: How two college dropouts created a worldwide phenomenon.

There are very few shows that reach the status of cultural phenomenon. By that, I mean shows that don't feature pop culture trends and topics, but rather create trends that influence the pop culture landscape around them.

Back in around 1996/97, there was this thing, this cheap cartoon that everyone was talking about. It had Jesus, Santa, Brian Boitano... it had everything. But it was hard to find because in those days you damned near needed to know how to write code to be able to watch a video online. Then  this show, this cheap cartoon made out of construction paper hit. It was crude and offensive and unquestionably brilliant.

Before you knew it, South Park had become part of our cultural landscape. It seemed like it was overnight that people were quoting it NONSTOP, there were posters, toys, t-shirts, Christmas ornaments. It was everywhere.

16 years later it is still around. Still as relevant and fearless as ever.

But, if you look back, the show was just the logical culmination of two hard working, smart, and and hilarious men who had worked up from student filmmakers to the creators of one of the most incredible media empires on the planet.

Join us as we take a look at the career of two of the most original voices in comedy today, or ever.

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