Things that are bad ass, are bad ass! A look at general badassery.

If the best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry, then what of the not so well laid plans? Do they even stand a chance? Well, this week you find out.


Normally, we aim for some level of clarity in our show topics. Granted, we don't strictly stay on that topic, but there is a fairly concise idea that guides our show prep.

This week we said, "Hell with that!"

Last week, while deciding what to do, the following text conversation occured...

Campbell- "'Nice Shot!' Our favorite shots, camerawork, and cinematography in general."

Dirkes- "Shots is a good idea, but do we have time to prep?"

Campbell- "How about a general badass concept? Like Dean Winchester badass. Creatures, characters, effects, chicks, gadgets, cars, ect..."

Dirkes- "General badassery! I love that!"

And with that as our guide... we prepared.

So this week, with the shakiest of foundations, we discuss the things we find "bad ass" and discover how big a tent that really is.

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