The Marvel Film Universe

Founded in 1939 as "Timely Comics," the company we know as "Marvel" was a runaway success from the beginning. It's first publication was so successful that, after a second printing, it sold a combined 900,000 copies. While other companies came and went, Marvel was able to hold on and grow in popularity,

75 years later it remains as one of the big 2, standing side by side with DC.

However, in concept, Marvel stands completely alone.


Instead of just licensing out their biggest proprieties, Marvel decided to apply the model that made their comic books so successful to the film world. Instead of a collection of of uncollected titles being released by different companies, they consolidated their most popular characters into one universe and, in a way, caused a paradigm shift in the way comic book movies are approached.

So, join us as we take a look at the phenomenon that is Marvel Studios and their ever expanding film universe.

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