The James Bond Files: Spectre

What madness is this? We decided that instead of doing a straight chornological run of the Bond, we would go with a "ping pong" method. How does that work? Basically, we are bouncing between the old and the new ones. We began with Dr. No, follow that with Spectre, next is From Russia With Love, follow that with Skyfall, and so on until we meet in the middle.

So, this week we come at you with the most recent installment "Spectre." This is in many ways a landmark Bond film. It marks the first time since Connery that the most iconic Bond villian, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, could be used. Yes, a Blofeld like figure did appear in For Your Eyes Only, but that wasn't offically Ernst. This is a big deal. Which, of course means that we spend zero time talking about that, and a lot of time talking about how "Blofeld" sounds like the name given to a fat character. It's what you've come to expect.



So, we talk classic Bond, fat names, and Toblerones. It's a damned good time.


We sahll return in two weeks time with... From Russia With Love.

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