The Initiate Series: Lawrence of Arabia

In 1962 a movie was released which served to make every film before and since look hideous and uninspired. It asked only that you be willing to sacrifice 4 hours of your time. In 1987 a more definitive version was released into theaters where Jim saw it for the first time and instantly fell in love with it. Since that first screening he has seen it, in the theater, 4 additional times.

Clarkson had never seen it. Any of it. At all.

So, when the 50th anniversary, digital restoration hit theaters for a single day... we knew where we had to be.

The film in question...


Lawrence of Arabia.

Not an epic... THE epic.

The next day we sat down with Jason, who you might remember from our "Dark Knight Rises" pub cast and our 100th Episode Spectacular, and recorded our thoughts on their first screening and Jim's 24 hours of theater time watching the greatest film ever made.

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