The Films of Christopher Guest: How Improv Should Be Done

Improvisation is a wildly misunderstood art form. For most people it's about quickly coming up with something funny and going for the laugh. The thing is, most people aren't trained in improv and have little understanding of the subtleties of really good improvisational comedy. Going for the laugh is part of it, however... it's about building a character, creating a scene, and having a sense of trust and teamwork. Basically, it's not about YOU being funny, it's about EVERYONE being funny.

Basically, someone who can come up with some funny lines but who doesn't have the sense of purpose and character in the scene ends up throwing out anything they can think of and steal focus, ruin the flow, and ultimately destroy the scene. Yeah, they got a laugh... but nobody else did and in the end... everybody suffered because of it.

This is where Christopher Guest comes in.


As one of the creators of the "mockumentary" genre, and unquestioned masters of improvisation guest has a long and unparallelled track record of creating some of the greatest comedy masterworks in film history.

But more than that, he has gone back to the origins of theater and created a company of gifted improvisational performers who absolutely bring the house down. His ability to put together a group of people who understand timing, interpersonal dynamics, absolute dedication to character, and posses the unselfish ability to set up and pass the joke off to another performer is truly amazing.

So, join Jim and Clarkson as they discuss the career of one of the most important figures in comedy today.

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