The Film Thugs Guide to Theater Etiquette

Here at The Film Thugs have a bit of a conundrum. It's one that's fairly common for film lovers these days.

In short, we love the movies, but we hate going to the movies.

I use to love everything about the experience, but lately something has changed. What might that be, you ask? Well, people. People have made the film going experience unbearable.

You mean to say I have a choice between watching one of a few thousand movies (Thank you Netflix and Uverse Video on Demand) on my HD TV in the comfort of my own home...


I can shell out a huge sum to watch it in a room full of inconsiderate assholes who live in a world where nobody matters but them?


This week we decided to tackle a subject that was recently thrust into the national spotlight by The Alamo Drafthouse

This is the same theater that began every film in it's first 5 years of operation with this... and has had actors... and politicians join in.

So, here you go... our thoughts on theater etiquette.

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