The Film Thugs 100th Episode Spectacular… The Beginning.


I remember the conversation quite clearly. It was a Sunday in late January 2009 when I called Clarkson and said, "I've been listening to some film podcasts lately and you know, I think we can do that."  A week or so later I got a Blue Snowball mic int he mail from Amazon and a week or so later we were sitting at the corner of the cheap, tacky black lacquered table he got of Craigslist. The chairs were crazy uncomfortable and falling apart, but what the hell. That night we recorded 3 episodes, "Oscar Predictions," "Movies We Love," and "Movies We Hate," and had so much fun that we recorded an extra episode on the fly "The John Carpenter Lost Episode." Right from the beginning we knew that we had found something that we not only loved, but that we were pretty decent at. Basically, it was the same conversation we'd been having every time we hung out for the past 20 years, we just had a topic.

For the next two years we kept that same rabid level of production, for better or worse. Now we only do one show at a time  (we no longer live 80 miles apart), and have better equipment but we still try to have the same energy that we did on that first night.

During that time we have met and shared airtime with some really awesome people, most of whom are part of the shows festivities.

People like...

Phil from Bakersfield

Vijay Sitaram (Granted, I've known him for a few years before, but you guys didn't.)

Ben Walser

Jason Macomb

As well as some fellow podcasters like...

Hunter Duesing and Stuart Baulk from the Midnight Movie Cowboys

Adam Wayne and Adam Linfield from The A.M.P.

Jedi Cole Houston, Rick Gutierrez, and Andrew Farmer from The United States of Geekdom

Andy Seims from The Hollywood Saloon

We became part of a very supportive community. How supportive? All of these people took time out of their lives to record segments just to be part of this show. It's pretty amazing what can happen in a year, isn't it?

This week we come to the end of our journey with The AFI by tackling their original list of 100 Greatest American Films. It's another richly bizarre list, but more importantly it will finally allow us to be rid of the albatross that has been The AFI once and for all.

So, for the 100th time, sit back, crack open a beer, and enjoy The Film Thugs 100th Episode Spectacular.


The Film Thugs

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