That was the year that was 2011


2011 was an interesting year, cinematic-ally speaking.So much so that it has taken us nearly four months to talk about it, but we finally did.

So, here it is, the year in review.


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  • norris

    There are no more ties in the nhl, to appeal to you americans, they decided if it is tied after 65 minutes(60 minutes regulation & 5 minutes of overtime-played four on four) they have a shoot-out. God help me it is killing the game. Thankfully it is playoff time where overtime is 20 minutes of sudden death, and if it is still tied after the 2o minutes clean the ice and do it again gentlemen. Americans love winning? too easy of a target. Found your show and kept coming back, great show!

    Apr 13, 2012 at 12:51 am