Robin Williams: The Funniest Man in the World

Superlatives are thrown around with wreck-less abandon these days. As people we are very quick to label something as "the greatest ever," or someone as "the best living" at something. Normally, these are titles that people throw out without thinking and will little actual meaning behind the words. Granting the title of global and temporal supremacy has grown to mean little more than a simple statement of appreciation.

That being said, the funniest man in the world took his own life a week ago.

Nobody really knows why or what was going on in his head or anything like that. All we know is that Robin Williams is gone. Lost forever.

Although body of work is far from perfect, it is impossible, literally impossible, to overstate the importance of this man. An entire generation grew up knowing the only certainties in this life were death, taxes, and Robin Williams will make you laugh.

So this week sort through our feelings. That's the only way to describe it, because we are both still in a slight state of shock. We sort through our feelings and talk about the funniest man in the world.

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