Resquiat in Pache, Mr. Scott

We really went into this with the best of intentions. We did. Tony Scott is one of those filmmakers who really defined a big chunk of our childhoods. Many of his films are absolute classics of their genres and and hold incredible sentimental value for every film fan who grew up in the 80's.


But, you must remember that this is The Film Thugs, and though we hold Mr. Scott in the utmost esteem... we are first and foremost a pair of jabbering, braying jackasses who lack anything that could reasonably be identified as an "attention span."

So, join us as we say farewell to one of the great ones... and discuss pizza, filthy barns, asinine hygiene rituals, public domain celebrity images, awful celebrity look a likes, and a veritable host of other things that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the late great Tony Scott.

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