Movies that are not good, but we like them anyway REDUX!!!

One man's trash is another man's overused cliché'. Welcome to The Film Thugs Movie Show where we continue our look back at "classic" episodes by tackling. This week we look at Episode 4: Movies that are not good, but we love them anyway.

It's kind of a guilty pleasures show, but neither of us really likes to use that term, so we go slightly longer and more descriptive in our titling.

Join us as we talk about the movies that we really dig, even if the world doesn't understand our love.

Also, submit your own "guilty pleasure" films as well as horrible theater going experiences, or your dream programming week at, or at (512) 666-RANT or on Skype at the_film_thugs

We are also in the final weeks of accepting questions for our "Ask the Film Thugs" show. Send questions about ANYTHIG to Hunter Duesing from The Midnight Movie Cowboys will pick the best questions we receive, record them and send them to us. Every question will be heard for the first time on the show and we will answer completely off the cuff. Questions do not have to be film related. We are unofficial life coaches and are happy to help with anything you need help with.

Check us out on Twitter at @thefilmthugs, on the Facebook, e-mail us at, call us at (512) 666-RANT, or on Skype at the_film_thugs.

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