Live from New Braunfels, It’s The Film Thugs!!!

For the past 36 years there have been a lot of sketch comedy shows that have come and gone, shows like "Friday's," "Mad TV," "The State," "The Kids In the Hall," "Mr. Show with Bob and David," "The Ben Stiller Show," and countless others.

But no matter how many have hit, no matter how good, bad, or in rare cases absolutely incredible (Mr. Show, Ben Stiller, and The State come to mind) all of them have failed to achieve any sort of long term success. All except one.


Saturday Night Live is not just a show, it's an institution. With cast members ranging from the sublime (Radner, Aykroyd, Belushi, Hartman, Ferrell, Fey) to the ridiculous (Sanz), the show has become an integral part of the American comedy scene. Even when it struggled (and it has struggled) it's always seemed safe. No matter what you can always count on it being there.

This show has been of incredible importance to both me and Clarkson through our lifetimes so we decided to sit and have a chat about it.

Hope you enjoy.

Oh, and here are the links to the online sketch groups and sketches we were talking about.

And the greatest online comedy sketch in history!!!

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