Just who in the hell are we, and how in the hell did we get here?

If you stop and think about it every single one of us has one of these. No matter how esoteric your tastes are, something led you to what you like. I don't care if you like Italian Neorealist, French New Wave, American Independent, Avant Garde, German Expressionism, New American Cinema, Horror, Drama, Epic, Third Cinema, Realism, Screwball Comedy, Minimalist, Formalist, Structuralist, Film Noir, Documentary, Drama, or Silent Comedy...


At some point you found one movie that led you to another movie that led you to a director who introduced you to a star who made you aware of a writer that made you fall in love with a certain type of movie.

We decided, after 44 episodes, that we should let you in on our journey.

The assignment was simple: find the five movies that directly or indirectly shaped our current tastes and walk you through our journey. This is how we became who we are, so if that at all interests you then take a walk with us through our pasts.

Oh, and if you have something like this, a path that has led you to your current fandom, send us a voicemail or a typed list so that we can all share in your journey. We showed you ours, now you show us yours.

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