Jim’s Top 10 Films of 2010

Now, I haven't seen everything I want to. True Grit and The Kings Speech, among some others, would probably have made this list, but I gotta go with what I got. So, here it is. My first ever 10 best list.

10) Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage- Even if you don't like Rush you will still be entertained by this.

9) Blue Valentine- Heartbreaking, gritty, and moving.

8) Ip Man- The best martial arts movie I've seen in years. It's more than great fighting, it's a great story with great fighting in it.

7) Toy Story 3- Surprise, surprise. Pixar made another good movie.

6) 127 Hours- How can something with basically one location be so damned enthralling.

5) The Town- Solid action, solid writing, solid acting. When did Ben Affleck become such a great director?

4) Black Swan- Intense, haunting, and some of the most captivating effects I've ever seen.

3) Inception- Finally, a heist movie for "smart" people.

2) The Social Network- The writing, the directing, and the performances are amazing.

1) Exporting Raymond- An amazing documentary I cannot stop talking about. One of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

Honorable mentions:

Un Prophet (A Prophet)

Five Minutes of Heaven

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Who is Harry Nillson? (and why is everyone talking about him?)


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