It’s A Matter of Character

Isn't it funny how sometimes a a the smallest character in a movie can be the most interesting? How there are certain scenes that last a minute, maybe two, but somehow end up being all you and your friends can talk about afterwords?

What is the difference between a good character and a bad character?


In this show we attempt to find some direction towards an answer to that question while discussing some of our favorite characters.


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  • Jason

    Awesome that you included Drexl and Walken’ mob boss! & you guys know the only way to refer to the name of mothafuckin Charlie Bronson. Outta Reservoir Dogs I gotta give it to Mr. Pink though. The rest are acting like a bunch of first time thiefs and he’s the only one acting like a professional. Plus Pink is the only one who might have gotten away with the diamonds. Most likable character who doesnt beleive in tipping ever.

    May 11, 2011 at 11:59 pm