Franchise Killers

The film franchise has become as much a part of modern life as fast food franchises, with much the same positive impact on our lives.

Stunning thing about this is that most franchises are pretty terrible. There are some that still deliver the goods, but by and large they are not film making at its best.

So, how can it be that, in an arena with so much garbage, there can be movies bad enough to kill an entire franchise where it stands? Hell, some are bad enough to preemptively kill a franchise before it even has a chance to show just how bad it can get.

This week we look into that.

Also, we have some important business to discuss. Since it's Christmas and all, we decided to get charitable for once in our lives.

We are raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association on behalf of our little buddy Amadeo Andrade who was diagnosed with Becker Muscular Dystrophy in 2008. Last year, as a team, we raised $23,800 in support of Amadeo for MDA! This year our team goal is $25,000. We will be raising money until February of 2013. Anything will help and be appreciated, and remember all donations are tax deductible!

This year we are Amadeo's ARMY. Not team. Not club. Not group. ARMY! So lets show a great kid just how bad ass Thug fans are.

His Page Link is Below:

Amadeo's Army

Also here is the link to the team page if you would like to read a little about Amadeo:

General/Chariman of the Joint Cheifs of Staff for Amadeo's Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

Thank you for checking that out.

And we are still looking for questions for our "Ask the Film Thugs" show. Ask us about anything at all. Could be about movies, relationships, family, history, recipes, what have you. We will have no idea what your questions are until we read them on the show. Do you want you want to know how quick Jim and Clarkson came come up with some bullshit? Sure you do! So go ahead and ask away at


Check us out on Twitter at @thefilmthugs, on the Facebook, e-mail us at, call us at (512) 666-RANT, or on Skype at the_film_thugs.

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