Film Drunks

Little known fact. Four years ago, during the planning phases of the show, one of the names we considered was Film Drunks podcast, or Drunks on Film. And those who have listened from the beginning know that this would have been a more fitting title.


So, we figured after four years we should probably address this potential title in the form of a show.


Here it is, from the good to the bad, from the funny to the tragic, our look at the best movie drunks.


Also, you can be a part of the show any time you would like. How's that? All you have to do is call or e-mail us. If you live in the US, or any place that makes calling the US easy, just dial 512-666-RANT and leave us a voicemail. We will read the Google Voice transcript and play your message. It's funny AND informative!


If you live outside the us, you can call us on Skype at The_Film_Thugs. You can leave a message, or someone might actually answer!


E-mail us at and we will read/play whatever you send us, or you can e-mail to be part of an upcoming "ask the Film Thugs" show, where we answer questions without having heard them first.


Also, we are on Twitter @thefilmthugs, and on Facebook.


You can also click on one of our sponsors below and THEY will pay us. That's right. You won't have to pay a PENNY extra, and Amazon/Onnit/Teefury will give us a little taste.


Thank you for listening, and until next week....


Jim out.


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