Criterion Year Week 22: Hopscotch

The Criterion Collection, the last vestige of truly collectible DVD and Blu-Ray movies in existence. These are well produced, fancy pants editions of important and interesting films for the discerning film lover.

We continue our journey through Jim's collection of movies with...

Week 22:


Spine Number: 163

Director: Ronald Neame

Genre: Comedy

First off, this is our 300th episode. We are not doing anything special, just introducing you to an amazing movie.

Every once in a while you get to introduce something special to a person. Some obscure, amazing book, incredible movie, awesome song, something that you discovered by some strange turn of coincidence that people just don't know about for some reason. Then you get to be the one to introduce it. It's like you're giving an gift to someone.

Well, Hopscotch is one of those movies.


This little spy movie, that is unlike any spy movie you've seen before, is effortlessly charming and completely engaging. Walter Matthau is an old CIA man who has a boss, Ned Beatty, who is a bit of a prick. He decides to make an example out of Matthau, who decides he would rather not put up with it. Along with  Glenda Jackson (who has a level of natural charm and charisma that ranks right up there with Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly) he sets out to have some fun.

That's all we will tell you. This is one of those rare movies that fun without being stupid, smart without being condescending, and completely enjoyable from beginning to end. It is tight, quick, and... honestly, it's just a fantastic film. So, check it out on Hulu, Amazon, or iTunes. You will be glad you did.

Once you've watched it, join us in our discussion of this incredible movie.


Next week:

Spine number 175: Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas

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Thanks for listening, and until next week...

Jim out.

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