Chris Nolan’s Blind Spots

The list of filmmakers who have made 7 good films during their career is surprisingly short. There's nothing wrong with that. Making movies is difficult, and making a good one is even more so. So think about how hard it must be to make 7. Now think about what it takes to rattle off your first 7 in a row and not only have them each be good but also have a few amazing, genre defining ones in there as well.

Sounds impossible, right?

Well, it is. Unless you work for Pixar...

Or your name is Christopher Nolan.


Somehow in just over 10 years this guy has gone from unknown to one of the safest bets in the film industry. And that isn't just a safe financial bet, but a safe bet in terms of quality.

Jim and Clarkson decided to sit down and have a chat about this amazingly talented man and see if we can pin down what makes him so great. Join the conversation.

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