Casino Royale

Up to this point, not just in our back and forth in time viewing but in the overall history of the James Bond franchise, things have been pretty hit and miss. But, at least in our viewing, there hasn't been an absolute out of the park home run. But then... Casino Royale.


Let's look at the run up to this one. 2002, Die Another Day... the Bond franchise looke like it was dead. I mean... it wasn't just a bad movie, it was a terrible movie. Had this been the first film of the series... it wouldn't have been because the entire thing would have been dead in the water (but more on that in a few weeks).

So, when 2006 rolled around, the prospect of another Bond movie, though welcome, didn't exactly hold a lot of promise. I mean... it really couldn't be worse, but that didn't mean much.

But it was going to be different. This was a total reboot. Bond in his first mission as 007. Daniel Craig, a guy who looked like he could beat your ass.

Nobody knew what to expect.


Whatever they expected, the were not prepared for what they got.


Casino Royale is not only the best Bond film, it's one of the best spy films ever, full stop. Remove James Bond completely from this, make it another agent, an unknown and this is still one of the best times you could have watching a movie.

So, join us as we discuss this amazing piece of work, and create a new TV show for Ian Flemming.


We will return next week with... You Only Live Twice.


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