Bombs Away!

Usually neither one of us care how much money a movie makes or loses. It's a fairly irrelevant piece of information. Unless you have some personal stake in the success of a film, like if you're an investor, an actor, a writer, your company did something for the film, the box office receipts of a particular film are possibly the most irrelevant thing about it. While you could use a massive failure or success as a way of gauging the quality of a film, a quick look at the most profitable films of all times lets you know how dicey a proposition that can be.

But every once in a while a movie loses such a staggering amount of money that you simply cannot ignore it. These are the films that lost the combined budget of several studio pictures.


This week we just sit back and marvel at the glorious excess of Hollywood as we marvel at the startling ineptitude that leads to the film equivalent of a good old fashioned money bonfire.

As usual the Thug hotlines are both still open and awaiting your phone calls, if you live in the US call 512-666-RANT and leave a message about your most memorably awful movie theater experience. If you don't live in the US and want to avoid costly international charges, just Skype us at The_Film_Thugs. You can also e-mail us at, or to be a part of the next run at this show. We are also on Twitter @TheFilmThugs, on Vine @TheFilmThugs, and on Facebook. Reach out, connect with us, and become part of the Film Thug family.

Until next time...

Jim out.
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