Bill, Groundhog Day, Ghostbusting Ass Murray!

There are a few names that come to mind when discussing the films of our childhood.
Mel Brooks taught us all about satire.
Tom Hanks showed us that nice guys don't always finish last.
Kevin Bacon was the guy who was too cool to be our friend, but was our friend anyway.
But none of them were the guy you really wanted to be.

That guy was Bill Murray.

Just the name, Bill Fucking Murray...

He was the comic king of our voyeuristic youth. Every movie he was in, no matter how small the part, was somehow a Bill Murray movie.

The man was funny, cool, had a bit of an edge... in short, he was everything you wanted to be.

This week, at long, long last, we take a look at the career of the man who stands head and shoulders above us all.

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Until next time...

Jim out.
Onnit Primalbells

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