Big Trouble In LIttle China

There are some movies that you can use as a barometer to tell if someone is on the same page as you when it comes to overall film fandom.  These films are, very rarely, the hits and the award winners. More often than not they are the ones that landed somewhere on the fringes, unjustly so in most cases. But as life, as a general rule, is unfair these things occur.

However, occasionally one of these movies will remove itself from the margins and claim its rightful place in the canon, nay... the PANTHEON of classic cinema. No film has done so more completely than John Carpenter's 1985 MASTERPIECE Big Trouble in Little China.


A legendary director and his most legendary collaborator team up to give you one of the greatest cinematic experiences of your lifetime and... we have some beers and ramble on in mutual adoration of it.

So, enjoy our drunken ramblings on one of the most perfect pieces of cinema ever produced by man.

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