Someone, I believe it was Plato, once said, "Never work with children or animals," I believe the original quote was longer, but it trails off into a very racist diatribe, so I'm just going with the first part.

This week we (sort of) discuss people who didn't follow this rule. That's right, we are (sort of) discussing the best and the worst animals in movies. In addition, Jim changes his shirt at least twice, we discuss having a child step in your testicles, and Jim breaks Clarkson's spirit in an off air clip and makes a bold offer to anyone who can figure the statement out.


Tweet your best guesses to us with #sewertale and we will read them on the air.

Speaking of being read on the air, we are working on a new show idea. Here it is...

Email any and all questions you have about anything, and we do mean ANYTHING to Hunter from the Midnight Movie Cowboys will check that address and compile a list of the best questions. He will then forward them to us and we will answer them SIGHT UNSEEN on the show. We need about 20 or so, so get on the stick. This will be a completely free form show, dictated by questions, and all responses will be genuine. Repeat, we will not hear these questions until we get the e-mail from Hunter the day of the recording, and we won't read them until the show starts.

So remember, e-mail any query about any subject to and help us make an amazing show for you people!

Oh, we also announce the winner of our Summer Movie League, and Jim explains why he hasn't sent the prize yet.

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