A look at the films of Python (Monty) and his Airborne Circus

What happens when you take two graduates of Oxford, three from Cambridge, and one from Occidental College and put them in a room together?

Evidently you get one of the silliest, and most influential, comedy troupes in history.


Monty Python's Flying Circus is culturally ubiquitous. You may not have a favorite sketch or performer, you may have never seen a show or a movie, but, odds are, you have at the very least heard of them.


After 45 episodes, four movies, 19 albums, countless books, documentaries, TV specials, and stage performances The Pythons have become an undeniable part of the worlds comic landscape.


This week we take the time to look at the film work of one Jim and Clarkson's shared obsessions.



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Until next time...

Jim out.

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