Video Breakdown: Metallica- Load

• November 17th, 2022

A band having an identity crisis. 

This applies to Metallica in so many ways. But, how could it be any other way. 

What happens to a band of outsiders, who suddenly become the biggest band on the planet? 

Well... evidently, "Load," happens. 

Join Clarkson and Jim as they discuss the videos of Metallica's seminal (I hate myself for that joke) "Load."

And never forget... no matter what happens, Jim will NEVER remember the damned robot bird.

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The House of Gucci

• August 9th, 2022

There are a baffling, and I mean BAFFLING, number of Oscar winners in this movie. Like, it's alarming how inept a film by an Oscar winning director, with 3 Oscar winning actors, and an Oscar winning songwriter can be. 

Just, with these people it feels like it should have been... accidentally competent. 

Well, listen to us talk about the movie that proved Louis B. Mayer right. Nobody knows nothing.

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The ”Don’t Cry,” Video Trilogy

• July 21st, 2022

Remember how indulgent music use to be? We sure do, and we decided to take an in depth look at that with the epic Guns N' Roses video trilogy of:

Don't Cry

November Rain



It is a long, very long, incredibly long look at the indulgent days gone by.

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Assassin 33 AD

• May 26th, 2020

Finally, a movie that answers the tough questions...

What if terrorist got hold of a time machine and used it to try and assassinate Jesus, prevent the resurrection by bringing his body to the present, thereby erasing Christianity from history? What if the only people who can stop that from happening are a group of scientists that accidentally discovered time travel in less than a month? Can you still get away with an African American character who is essentially a collection of outdated stereotypes.

These and many more questions are answered in this episode as we look at Assassins 33 AD.

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The Quiet Man

• April 26th, 2020

Thanks to a Patreon request, we finally take a look at possibly the Irish American film. John Ford's, "The Quiet Man," with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara.

It's funny how much a little bit of introspection can change how you relate with a movie. Seeing the... Irishness of it all is... well, you kinda have to listen.

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