The James Bond Files 1: Dr. No

And a new chapter begins. This week we start our look at the greatest secret agent in film history.

Since his big screen debut in 1962 Bond has been an institution, setting the bar for spy thriller and becoming a cultural icon in the process.


This week we actually look at two versions of Bond. The first being this....



This piece of absolute garbage introduced CIA agent Jimmy Bond, the midwest Wisconsin tire salesman of the year.

It's hard to put into words how bad it is, so check it out.

We also discuss the greatest technical advisor who ever lived, slow moving quickdraw artist Geoffrey Boothroy,



There is a lot to digest here.

But it should be noted, that both of these videos are more interesting than Dr. No.



Evidently, the world was once a very boring place and the idea of strolling along a beach, or walking through a hotel lobby or an airport were considered the height of adventure. That's the only way to explain how this (adjusted for inflation) 8 million dollar movie was able to make (adjusted for inflation) 459 million dollars.

Make no mistake, Dr. No is a boring film, but what can you do, it's Bond.


So join us as we marvel at how damned attractive young Sean Connery was in this introduction to the worlds most famous secret agent.



Don't worry, The Film Thugs will return next week wtih... Spectre.

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