It’s 2012. Yes, the world will end in a few weeks… or maybe not.

Again, we are still looking for questions for our "Ask the Film Thugs" show. Ask us about anything at all. Could be about movies, relationships, family, history, recipes, what have you. We will have no idea what your questions are until we read them on the show. Do you want you want to know how quick Jim and Clarkson came come up with some bullshit? Sure you do! So go ahead and ask away at

Now, on to the show.

Clarkson was out of town this week at Disneyland, so Vijay filled in for him.

According to the Mayans, a civilization that hadn't figured out the wheel, the world will be ending soon. So we decided to talk about end of the world movies.

Well, we wanted to but ended up spending a lot of time talking about cheap beer and fast food colognes. So, have a listen and see what you think.

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