His Holiness… Kurt Russell

There are people who you cannot badmouth in front of Jim or Clarkson without putting yourself at risk.

Very high on that list is a man named Kurt Russell.

He's just... he's Kurt FUCKING Russell!

He has been in some of the best movies ever, had a cartoonish batting average as a minor league baseball player, and his name was the last thing Walt Disney ever wrote. What more do you need?

The man started out...


Grew into...


Took some time off to do this...


Where he had a .580 batting average (which is UNREAL).

Before becoming this guy...


This guy...


And this guy...


And since that wasn't enough, he decided to step back and reinvent trash talking as this guy...


So, join us this week as we discuss the man, the myth, the FUCKING LEGEND that is...

His Holiness... Kurt Russell


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