Halloween 2012

Hey, remember the 80's. We sure do, and now so can you.

This week we decided to commemorate that most evil of holidays by discussing that most of of films from that most evil of decades... 1980's horror!!!

That's right, all the fake blood, fake boobs, and fake... something else to complete this sentence you could ask for.

Also, check out this wonderful blog entry to find out why Jim thinks art is important.

We also need you, that's right, you to e-mail any questions you might have about anything to thugquestions@gmail.com. The best of these will be answered on a future episode... the catch is, we won't know what the questions are until they are read during the recording of the episode. Questions can be about ANYTHING AT ALL, so try and get creative.

As always we can be reached by phone at 512-666-RANT, as well as The_Film_Thugs on Skype, and thefilmthugs@gmail.com

Thanks for listening.

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