Criterion Year Week 2: The Seven Samurai and its Remakes

The Criterion Collection is one of the few remaining reasons people have for buying actual, physical copies of movies. Personally, I would rather drop a few dollars to buy a digital copy of something on Amazon and be able to access it anywhere, at any time and never have to worry about a disk getting lost, stolen, or damaged. I have too many memories of the several hundred VHS tapes that became useless hunks of plastic one day. But for some reason, The Criterion Collection retains an old school hold on me, which is how I have a collection of 52 movies and counting (I actually have 53, but one is the Beastie Boys video collection, which is not a movie).

This week, we take our second step on our year (or so) long look at my personal collection.

Week 2:

The Seven Samurai (Shichinin no samurai)

Spine Number: 2

Director: Akira Kurosawa

Genre: It's the Seven Samurai. That is the genre.

Words like "master," "masterpiece," and "genius" tend to get bandied about all willy-nilly these days. There are too many instances of something or someone simply being good at something and being labeled by our hyperbolic society as one of those superlatives. That being said there are still times when those titles apply.

The following statements are inarguable FACTS!

Akira Kurosawa was both a genius and unquestioned master filmmaker.
"The Seven Samurai" is unquestionably a genius masterwork of cinema.

This is what happens when an absolute master of visual storytelling gets an amazing story and an even more amazing cast. "What is that?" you ask? You get a three hour film wherein every frame is a poster, every face is perfect at every moment, and every light and sound adds to the mood and carries you through an amazing fable that is as engaging and captivating as possible.

There is a reason this film has been remade as (at least) four different films that span genres and time periods. Make no mistake, Seven Samurai is the truth.

In addition to this masterwork, we discuss The Magnificent Seven, The Three Amigos, A Bugs Life, and (to a lesser extent) Galaxy Quest.

Next week:

Spine Number 3: The Lady Vanishes (by Alfred Hitchcock)

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Thanks for listening, and until next week...

Jim out

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