Bond Part 1: He’s the best because Scotland is AWESOME!!!

For some reason there are still people willing to debate who the best Bond was. It's just damned idiotic. There's nothing wrong with liking Moore, Bronsnan, Dalton, Lazenby, or Craig. Each of these guys have their relative merits. Each one of them is working at one distinct disadvantage...


none of them are Sean Connery.

There's nothing wrong with claiming one of the others as the best, but there are also ways of getting attention that don't make you look as stupid.

So, for the record, Connery is the best Bond. Period.

Oh, and this is our 54th episode. Now, take into account the Oscar results special and the St. Patrick's Day special and this becomes our 52nd weekly show, which means that we have now been doing this for one full year.

Time really does fly when you're having fun! Thank you all for letting us be part of your movie world.

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